Dear Colleagues, this is very sad news indeed. I remember Claude very well, having met him and worked with him and Yves on several occasions, and also published a couple of papers together. Yves and I respected him tremendously for his valuable insights and  even named one of our genera in his honour. His papers on holothuroid taxonomy I find  very enlightening and use them all the time. Regrettably Parkinso'ns put a halt to his contributions and he will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences to his wife and family and hope they learn quickly to bear the loss. May his soul rest in peace.
Ahmed Thandar

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Oh what a sad news :(. I remember his availability and welcome during my visit to the museum in 2012. He was sick but he did not hesitate to meet me and showed me his precious works on sea cucumbers and present me Yves who showed me the whole collection 

Rest In Peace Claude, We'll never forget you

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Dear Colleagues/friends

Today, I have to bring you sad news.

Just yesterday, I've learned from Claude's wife that Claude has died; last Saturday...

It's extremely sad.

We've lost not only a colleague and a lot of expertise (and for some of us who knew Claude, a lot of friendship!)

Kind regards - yves

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