Dear Yves,

Thank you for passing on this news, and very sad indeed to read about Claude’s passing. Chantal had told me that he been going through health problems for some years.

What an impressive legacy he leaves us on the ecology and taxonomy of holothuroids! We are indebted to his invaluable contributions to this field of science that we love so much.

Best regards,


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Dear Yves,


I'm very sad to hear of Claude's passing.

I didn't meet him very often but had the honour of collaborating with him several decades ago on the description of a 'rare' and charismatic sea cucumber, Thelenota rubralineata, one of the most striking of evolution's 'creations' in the marine invertebrate world.

If you are attending his funeral service, as I expect you will be, please do pass on my condolences to his wife and family.


Best wishes


Dave Lane


David J. W. Lane

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Dear Colleagues/friends


Today, I have to bring you sad news.


Just yesterday, I've learned from Claude's wife that Claude has died; last Saturday...


It's extremely sad.


We've lost not only a colleague and a lot of expertise (and for some of us who knew Claude, a lot of friendship!)


Kind regards - yves



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