Good Afternoon CHSC,

Thank you to everyone who made it to our 2nd Fall GBM on September 27th! If
you were not able to make it, I have attached the PowerPoint presentation
for reference.

You have many opportunities to fulfill your 6 points active membership
status and we hope to see you at our upcoming events!

Our updated Google calendar is also linked here so that you can begin
planning your schedule: Google Calendar link
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*Here are some takeaways from our 2nd GBM:*

   - Dr. Brittney N. Dixon presented on Public Health and Public Health
   Research. Her PowerPoint is attached below
   - 6 points are required for active membership, view your points here
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   - Active membership requirements are listed in the PowerPoint

*Upcoming Events:*

   - *Condom Pops Event*: Assembly dates and distribution times are in the
   - *Knitting Service Event* offered both in-person and on Zoom. More
   information on the slides
   - *Study Socials*! Welcome back one of our favorite bonding opportunities
   - *Stress Management and Mindfulness Event*
   - *Thanksgiving Drive*
   - More to come! Keep on eye out on our social media accounts

*Volunteer/Fundraising Opportunities:*
Further information such as times, donation lists, requirements, and points
are on the GBM PowerPoint slides!

   - *Afghanistan Refugee Resettlement*. Donate items listed in the slides
   to refugees arriving in the Tampa Bay area
   - *COVID-19 vaccine volunteering.* Help administer vaccines to the
   elderly at Touchdown Terrace!
   - *Koreymonde Capuchin Rescue* monkey sanctuary volunteering
   - *Humane Society of North Central Florida* supply drive. You can either
   donate items, volunteer directly, or foster animals!
   - *Kids Count* tutoring
   - *ReadingPals* mentoring
   - *Resilience Charter School* virtual mentoring/learning coach for
   middle schoolers.
   - *A Reason to Give* volunteering every Sunday and donations accepted.
   - *Field & Fork Pantry* supply drive will begin in April!

Thank you for attending and we hope to see you at our future events!

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Feel free to contact any members of the officer board if you have any

*Katie Pacini*
*Secretary | *Community Health Service Corps
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