We do "reassess" our staff at the end of each semester, which includes checking their cumulative GPA.  There have been some instances in which a tutor's GPA had dropped and was getting close to our minimum 3.3; in those cases, we had a conversation with the individual to see how they were doing and to offer support in helping them maintain their high GPA.  Over the years there have been just a few times when we had to let someone go, but in those cases, the person's GPA took a significant dive, they were experiencing issues, and it was really a mutual decision for them to leave the staff.

Our tutors are typically listed to tutor all courses in which they've earned a B+ or higher, and this is clearly conveyed to them during the recruitment and hiring process.  So yes, their list of approved courses grows each semester.  In practice, this doesn't necessarily translate into significantly more hours worked--just more variety in the courses they're tutoring.  We are able to import students' GPA and course registration histories into our TutorTrac system (including final grades), so it's fortunately very easy for us to run reports at the end of each term to add to people's course listings and to see whether there are any yellow- or red-flag GPA issues.

On a side note, I'm rethinking our GPA minimum.  Fortunately, we've been successful at recruiting staff members whose GPAs are well above our current standard, but I'm becoming increasing concerned that this might be creating an unnecessary barrier to some prospective applicants who could perform well in the role.

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