Hi David,


Last academic year, we started to offer drop-in tutoring for two high volume course sequences, after not offering drop in tutoring since multiple years before my time here. To answer your questions below…


1. For General Chemistry drop-ins, we are using an event space that on the same floor/same building as our usual in-person tutoring appointments. We did not need to ask for permission to use that room because we “own” the scheduling for it. For Elementary Physics drop-ins, the Physics faculty offered the room in our Science building that they usually hold office hours in. (We hold drop-in tutoring on weekends when there are no office hours happening.  I am not sure if they had to get permission for us to use that room.)


2. Students sign in by filling out a Google Form that captures their information for reporting purposes—this allows me to look at all attendance data in a Google Sheet of responses. In terms of handling flow, the tutors try to group folks with similar questions together when possible. Sometimes there is a bit of a wait to get help, but from what the tutors tell me, the students usually work on other problems/work while they are waiting. In general, the set-up is rather similar to office hours.


3. This is a great question, and something I believe we could probably improve on! As I said above, we just started holding these drop-in hours in the last year. For the most part, many of the tutors covering these hours had been Learning Assistants in the past, so they had personal experience dealing with multiple students at one time. The tutors with this experience gave tips to the tutors who had not been an LA/held office hours in the past. I am definitely thinking about making a short training session about drop-in tutoring and how to handle the flow of it, I just didn’t have the bandwidth to do it for this year.


Your first question also asks about “justifications” for using space for drop-in tutoring. I found that it was somewhat easy to get support for drop-in tutoring once I reminded the administration of the cost effectiveness of drop-in tutoring versus 1 on 1 tutoring.


If you, or anyone else, has other questions about our drop-in tutoring, feel free to reach out to me at [log in to unmask]!


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Subject: Drop - in Tutoring Pilot


Dear Colleagues,


I am in the process of exploring a drop-in tutoring pilot for some of our highly targeted courses that receive a large number of tutoring requests. 


I am curious if anybody has gone through the process of starting a drop-in service and, if so, what lessons you might be able to share. 


Specifically, I am interested in the following, but other points are welcome:

1. How did you select campus areas for space? What justifications did you need to provide for administrators to secure protected space?

2. How do you manage student flow at the drop-in locations? 

3. How do you prep your tutors about general expectations on the differences between drop-in tutoring and hour-long scheduled sessions?


As always, I appreciate the wisdom of this group!


Kind regards,


David Paulik, M.A.

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