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Hello all,

I was asked by a former student at Brown to send this to the listserv.

OneTable < >, a national Jewish nonprofit, is looking
for a researcher to conduct social network analyses of their community.
Questions of interest include: How connected is the OneTable community as a
whole? How many "sub-communities" exist? Which participants are
"influencers" and which are best at bringing in new unique individuals? How
does the network in a new city evolve? What else can we learn about our
community through analyzing connections?

A little background —  OneTable was founded in 2014 as a communal
intervention targeted at young adults craving a sense of authenticity and
ownership in their exploration of Jewish life. Our core demographic is
young adults, ages 21-39, who may not be interested in traditional
religious institutions but still crave the sense of belonging, purpose, and
stability that ritual practice provides. Since our inception, we've baked
research < > into our work. In 2022, we're
hoping to leverage computational social science methodologies to better
understand our community. We are particularly interested in working with
researchers who are excellent at communicating findings to the public, as
we aim for all our research projects to be accessible and understandable to
our participants as well as staff and board members.

Project length: 1-3 months in winter/spring 2022, with potential for
expansion. We are open to students as well as professionals, given the
proper expertise.

If you are interested, please reach out to [log in to unmask] with
information about your background and capacity.

Matthew K. Meisel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Brown University | School of Public Health
Box G-S121-4 Providence, RI 02903
Phone: (401) 863-6590
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