>I apologize to everyone on the net who gets this!
Dear Karen,
I thank you for getting this to me.  I have been trying to reach Gladys E.
Melendez-Tate, Coordinator of Tutoring Services at Rutgers, and I no longer
have the phone number.  Please, if it isn't too much trouble, see that she
gets this message.

Dear Gladys,

I just received your letter after trying to respond to a garbled telephone
message that didn't have your name (my stepson didn't get the complete
message).  I am pleased that you are interested in using "Learning Across
the Curriculum with Creative Graphing" in your tutor handbook. It's fine
with me and of course won't cost you anything.  You asked about my book:  I
am still writing it and have a chapter and the outline done so far.


Linda L. Johnson
Kirkwood Community College
Iowa City Campus
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