On Tue, 1 Aug 1995 Beth Hunsinger wrote:

> At Essex Community College in Baltimore we are planning
> a series of workshops for full and part time faculty on
> working with disabled students, as well as up to date
> information  on ADA compliance.  We in Special Services
> have had many requests for more staff development in this
> area.
> Beth Hunsinger
> Special Services/LAC
> Baltimore, MD  21237
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Bravo, Beth, for providing the same service for both full and part time
faculty.  I've never ceased to be amazed at how many full time faculty
members (many of whom used to be part time) insist on perpetuating a
class (caste?) system that is, frankly, insulting to part time faculty -
many of whom have greater qualifications and who are more professionally
successful than full time faculty.

I spent a number of years as a "freeway flyer" (and may end up doing it
again if the Calif. State U. system eliminates developmental classes).
In spite of a lot of lip service as to my value, at two community colleges
I was not even given a place to hang my hat -- no office or desk (even
though I was required to hold office hours).  I wasn't allowed to be on a
committee or even attend a dept. faculty meeting.  At another college, I
was referred to as a "part time hourly."

Why must part time faculty have special inservice programs?  Why can't
they be treated as FACULTY???

Lonna Smith
San Jose State University
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