We've used "MS Excel", and "Now Up To Date" with some success. Excel is a
spreadsheet w/some limited database functions, but with a little
creativity it can perform quite well as a scheduler. NUTD is a dedicated
organizer/scheduler sw package.  I know Excel is available Macintosh and for
Windows and DOS environments, but I don't know if NUTD is available for
anything other than mac.

Another suggestion:  If you have access to the inet or www, you can
search for shareware or free (one of my FAVORITE words) ware.  Once
you've located a likely suspect, just ftp it.

To do an inet search, type: archie [name of what you want, such as
"sched," or "organiz," or "calendar," etc.] Note: don't type the
brackets, commas, or quotes. Also, unless you know exactly what you're
looking for you should make your search term as general as possible. My
personal preference is to use just the first syllable of what I'm
searching for.  Admittedly I get some strange results sometimes, but I've
also been pleasantly surprised by an unexpected find.

To search on www, use one of the search engines such as "Yahoo,"
"WebCrawler," etc. that you can access via your browser.

Happy Hunting,

On Thu, 3 Aug 1995, Alton Jamison wrote:

> Does anyone have a recommendation for software to schedule tutor/tutee
> sessions?  We've been using one locally developed in the late 80's, and are
> trying to develop an update using Foxpro, but if a good one already exists,
> I'd appreciate the reference.
> Thanks.
> Al.
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