We here at Chemeketa Community College offer a whole two year degree online.
 We offer counseling services online and will be bringing both our tutoring
center and Writing center online this Fall.

We will have a confernence this Winter for those interested in how to develop
modem-based classes - faculty, administrators and techies.  When we offered
this conference last May we had 160 attendees and lots of wannabees ;-)

Some of the attendees are now developing their own systems like Open Learning
Agency in Canada, which has dedicated a special section of their board to
study skills.  Currently, there is just an annotated listing of study skills
materials, but what was most important was that it had a prominent place in
the design of the new system.  Study skills was not an add-on, an after

Open Learning Agency is using First Class, a graphical board for Macs and
Windows.  Chemeketa is using a text based system, Wildcat, which should be
graphical in its next iteration. It serves DOS, Windows, and Mac.

If you need screen captures, let me know.


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