In response to Ted Panitz comments on extending the time in developmental
classes (Computer Services says we don't "need" to clip other messages):

Yes.  Amen.  Right on.  We have a method for extending the instructional
period which does seem to help our developmental students, the "IP" grade.
"IP" stands for "in progress" and carries null weight - no harm, no foul
no error - for financial aid and dev gpa purposes.  The only requirement
of an IP is that the student retake the class in the next semester in
which he or she enrolls.

The downside of this is that the course content is predominately the same.
Maybe the reading changes but the assignment doesn't.

The good part of this system is that we're on semesters.  One IP means 32
weeks of reading, 'riting, or 'rithmatic.

From the land of strange calendars,
Amy Drees
Edison Community College
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