I am the IR person at a small rural CC. We looked at the effectiveness of
our developmental courses .... measuring effectiveness as parity of
grades in higher level english and math, we found that those who tested
into and took both english and math as developmental subjects did BETTER
than those who took just developmental math or just developmental english.

We later looked at a more sophisticated model involving grade in highter
eng & math , GPA, grad vs. non completer using lisrel and found that
there were some majors in which they did better than others.

The above has led me to the following question which I am attempting to
convince upper administration is worth looking into. : Do developmental
instructors use a unique language when dealing with and instructing
students? If they do does this languistic anomaly produce students who
are better equipted to succeed in some areas? If this is the case can
parity betweem majors be achieved by making conscious alterations in the
language used in the classroom?

The idea is a little too theoretical for the CC notion of research. Is
anyone out there working on anything similar???

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