To Sarah at Smith College who asked about research showing college students
need study skills training:

Although the information is not research-based, look at the results of
Astin's national compilation of data from the information given by
pre-college students applying for the SAT (or ACT, can't remember which).
You can probably call College Board or ACT direct to get a gross percentage
of students who indicate they need study skills on their applications for
the exam.  When preparing a course proposal for a degree-credit elective
course in developing collegiate learning skills back in 1977, I included
the most current data available relative to the numbers of future college
students who had indicated concern about study skills (I seem to recall
that it was close to 50% of those who applied to take the College Board).
The course was approved and it still operates -- and I'm convinced that
this information was especially relevant to convincing faculty.

Good luck!

Karen Smith

>I am doing research on the readiness of students for succeeding in a college
>environment and as of yet have not found any stats on college prep.  Has
>anyone encountered any research in this area?   I am interested in
>supporting an argument on the necessity of formally teaching study skills in
>a college environment.
> Thank you,
>Sarah E. Lazare
>Coordinator of Tutorial Services
>Smith College

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