RE setting up workshops for adjunct faculty, our school will be using a
video series from:

   Jay Gross Studios
     10810-72nd St. N, Suite 201, Largo  FL 34647
   Call 1-800/874-8466

There are three @ 25 min videos in the set EXCELLENCE IN ADJUNCT INSTRUCTION.
I'm previewing them right now and feel these would be especially useful used
one at a time to kick off discussion.

Video 1:  Adjunct Instructors - A Vital Educational Resource
     looks at scope and nature of part-time instructors at community
colleges, profiles community college students, highlights challenges facing
adjuncts and summarizes characteristics of excellent teachers.

Video 2:  Preparing for Successful Teching and Learning
     importance of orientation for adjuncts, what questions to ask of the
school, clarifying institutional and student expectations, building an
effective syllabus, planning the first class session

Video 3:  Responding to Diversity
     responding to cultural and ethnic diversity, working with students with
disabilities, professional ethics and avoiding sexual harassment.

The videos come with institutional guides and instructor guides.

I'm planning to use them with a small group of English faculty (only one
video, probably video 2) and will post results.   Thanks for all the helpful
comments on this.  I have 13 part-time faculty in my department and want to
improve ways to build community.

Beth Camp
Linn-Benton Community College, Albany OR 97321
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