I am asking for advice.  The University of Pittsburgh Learning Skills Center
is a free support service available to the entire University community.
We are in the process of introducing and integrating computer-assisted
learning into our services which consist of a math, reading, and study
skills components.  I have a very specific question for those of
you who have successfully integrated computing into an existing program.

Who staffs and manages your lab?  Is he/she  a skills expert or a computing
expert?  I am trying to decide what is the best approach.  Should the
skills experts (reading specialists, math specialists, etc.) be
responsible for the use of technology as it pertains to their area of
responsibility?  If so, is there not a need for a staff person
who is the "bits and bites" person who oversees installation,
maintenance, and trouble shooting of hardware and software of the entire

Is your lab dedicated to support a specific skills such as reading? Or,
does you lab support multiple skill areas such a math and reading and
study skills.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and advice you can give me.  You
can respond directly to me at [log in to unmask]

Georgine Materniak