OOps!  I'm so used to my other e-mail program that I expected to have the
chance to edit Guillermo's message when I forwarded it.  So this is what I
wanted to say.

Guillermo, I don't want the mail in digest form and I don't want to have
to sort through a list on the WWW.  The problem, as I noted before, is
that while in an ideal world I'd like to have the time to read it all,
I need to be able to sort out what I need to read from what I want to read.

As I noted before, the subject lines don't always tell you what the
message is really about.  My choice of subject line for this memo and the
preceding ones was to make a point:  probably everyone on LRNASST will
open it just to find out what it is.

Now most folks are pretty good about putting the general topic in the
subject line.  But if I were a Developmental Writing instructor, I
would certainly prefer to be in a dedicated discussion group about
developmental writing in which all the participants already KNOW it's
about develpomental writing; that frees them up to be much more specific
in the subject line about what they're actually discussing.

We could still have a general interest category that nearly everyone
could continue to subscribe to, but what would be discussed there
would be general interest topics - not topics in developmental math,
tutor training, etc.  Let those very valuable topics be addressed
in smaller, more manageable discussion groups.  Let the general
interest group disucss matters of politics, the learning assistance dream
building, etc.

It's just too much right now!

- Jim Melko