It seems to me that many of us are in the same process of development in
bringing the computer and its capabilities into the Learning/Skills Center.
What is available?  How costly? Does it dovetail with the University wide
system?  Who will/should be responsible for keeping the hardward and
software up to date?  Who will be the responsible person for the
computerized component of the Center, a skills expert or a technician
who can function and modify the capability of the computers, or
both?  Should the setup for the lab or the Center consist of MAC or IBM
compatibles?  Where do we find appropriate and affordable software?  What
computer assisted programs for assessment or skill building work?

Should the Center computing setup be consistent with the
larger university?  Should/does the University's computing and
telecommunications support the Center with technical expertise and more?
Can/should regular computer labs on campus be used as satellite sites for
assessment, skill building, subject specific generic reviews, as well as
with specific content like some are now for engineering, CIS, social
science, and for word processing?  Does/or should the Center offer computer
literacy and Internet/World Wide Web/e-mail training, including research and
retrieval know how, and then some? What about assistance over the wire?
How can we share resources? How do we meet the challenge of staying current
or up to date?

I suppose that the questions could go on forever.  I know we all have them.
Do you suppose that we could spend some time in Special Interest Groups
at the Institutes or other organizational meetings to identify some basic
essentials or "best available and most friendly" materials.  Perhaps this
Listserv could be a forum for gathering and organizing this information.
I am aware that a myriad of programs, assessment tools, materials and
texts have been mentioned on this Listserv.  I have not the time to
capture them.  I barely have time to read some of the communications.

I am very interested in visiting Learning/Study Skills Centers that
provide services to the entire student body and have a
well developed computer component as well as traditional programs and
methods. Our Center is not open to the entire studentbody at this time.
We are primarily serving Educational Opportunity Program/ Student
Support Services Students and other under represented students.  I am
confident the campus will one day have university wide Learning
Assistance.  I am most interested in the form it will take. The Center has
approximately 7 computers that can be used for
some basic skills programs in math, most aspects of the writing process,
reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, typing or
keyboarding, etc.(many of the materials are very old except those in writing.
We also have a few programs for review in biology and chemistry or test
preparation for the GRE.  All other programs for the computers are for
word processing.

     Our university currently has approximately 7400 students,
so I would be most interested in systems/programs that would work in our
environment. Most of the rest of the university is IBM compatible, while
we are largely MAC.  To change over would not be to difficult if
necessary, since our computing capability now is small and archaic.  If
you are effectively operating a Center with well developed computer
capability, on a campus similar in size to ours, and would like to give a
tour to a visitor who would pick your brain, please let me hear from you.

Is this too much to ask?  How many of you are out there?  Will I be

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays to you all!

Nezzie Wade, Coordinator
Learning Center
Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA   95521
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