Curtis has made an excellent suggestion, one worth trying before we
attempt to make the LRNASST more complicated and more work.

New mail on node UDAVXB from IN%"[log in to unmask]"  "Open Forum for
Learning Assistance Professionals"
He has suggested categories such as the following:

        o  Writing: student responsibility
        o  Tutoring: training
        o  Listserv: too much traffic
        o  Politics: latest federal cuts

Could someone draft a set of instructions that we could then send
out to all LRNASST members?  Then perhaps Guillermo could build
them into the welcome message that goes out to all new LRNASST

The instructions should somehow give clear directions for identifying in
one word or brief phrase the general subject, followed by a colon, and
then followed with a more specific descriptor.

We could then send out the instructions with an URGENT: subject and
get this thing working properly!

Good thinking, Curtis!

- Jim Melko