Russ wrote:

"Is anyone interested in establishing a student-to-student e-mail
connection next quarter?  I teach reading, writing, and study skills
classes at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon.  In
addition, I am teaching a linked course of reading and psych 201 and
a series of reading and writing courses on-site to employees at
Hewlett Packard.  If anyone sees a logical connection, let's talk
more about it."


We have several classes that might be interested. I will be teaching Wr. 121
online and my students might be interested in talking with some of your
students . However, the most exciting linkage might be with the technical
writing class students, WR 227 and the Hewlett Packard "students".  Marilyn
Connor will be teaching that class online.

You might be interested to note that all my students came "modem - ready"
this year for the first time in 5 years!  They knew that my writing class was
an online class. They all had modems and computers and were hooked up and
ready to go!  This does not mean that they all knew how to upload and
download, but they all had the equipment and some telecommunications
experience!  What a first!

Also, the dissertation, which studied the learning community in an online
class (mine) is almost finished. All five chapters are written and sent out
for one last comment input, before the defense. There are interesting stats
and graphs in this one.