Hello all. . . my name is Daniel Teraguchi.  I am the Tutor
Coordinator at Idaho State University.

Idaho State Unversity is interested in starting a student organization
for tutors.  I am aware of the National Tutoring Association, but I
want to start a local club for the Idaho State Tutors.  I was
wondering if other universities have a similar student organization
for tutors.

If so, what type of activities does the club do?
Is any other funding provided to the club other than through the

Does the student organization attend conferences related to
tutoring?  If so, how would I find out if there is a tutoring
conference within reasonable traveling distance from Idaho State

I will thank you in advance for your help.  I realize this is the
busy time in the semester, but any information you could provide would
be greatly appreciated.

Daniel Teraguchi,ASISU Tutor Coordinator
Idaho State University
Campus Box 8012
Pocatello, ID 83209
Fax: 208-236-4611
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