On Wed, 6 Dec 1995, Guillermo Uribe wrote:

> Let's keep thinking about it.  Why don't you all try one of the suggestions
> and see if it solves your traffic jams?  I would rather keep the list
> together for the benefit of all.

Guillermo and other LRNASST'rs,

Given the altenative formats that I am currently aware of, I
cast my vote for keeping LRNASST intact; a holistic
learning assistance list, if you will.  The wealth of information, the
plethora of opinions, and the collegiality of this group combine to
make LRNASST a living, breathing, organic entity that should be afforded the
opportunity to revel in its unfettered freedom a bit longer before being

Being a private person by nature, but a promoter of group and team
learning by profession, it is my distinct belief that LRNASST currently
achieves that which some of us have been espousing for years.  Often we
(LRNASST'rs) experience a  synergistic outcome as a result of the input
from other members; input that is borne of internal motivation with an
expectation that the assistance rendered to the other party will be the
reward in and of itself.

 Couple the above attributes of LRNASST with the personal latitude to quit
for a while when one becomes too drunk on this heady stuff, and LRNASST
indeed becomes a dynamic method of knowledge transfer that is
somewhat self-perpetuating.

Besides, if we begin slicing off pieces of the list, how am I going to know
which topic sub-group Perry Franklin will select?  I might miss his
bizarre puns if I choose to participate in the wrong sub-group!  And Gene
Kiersten's nuggets of wisdom.  And Martha's salient snippets of indigenous
research.  And Ed Ketz's homespun apostraphied witticisms.  And Barbara
Bonham's timely visits.  And the Australian connection.  And... And...

No. Don't hobble it down, crank its ear, and bridle it up just yet.
Let it taste the air of higher altitudes for a while and come down to
water only when it needs it.

Patrick Schutz

P.S.  I participated for quite a while on another listserv.  It satisfied
some professional needs UNTIL it was drawn, quartered, and segmented
beyond recognition.  Now I only visit on occasion, and find the dialogue
to be too single-topic-centered for my eclectic tastes.

I empathize with our colleagues who are getting too much data, too fast,
and from too many sources to actually take the time to turn it all into
potentially useful information.  MY choice has been to restrict my usage
of other listserves until I have exhausted all other alternatives.
But, I draw the line at LRNASST.  With THIS listserv, I want it all!