Here is your opportunity to participate in building the "Dream Learning
Assistance Center".

December question:  "Your dream building".
*If you had money for a new building for Learning Assistance, what would  you
*  What would you tell the architects?
*  How would you design the space in a new building?
*  How would you include technology - high tech, low tech, and mind tech?
* What about "people" space?
* What about other services?

Would you like open space? Testing rooms?  Small conference rooms? Small
classrooms? Eating space? Bathroom space? Free flow space? Desk space?
Computer lab space? Networked space? Library space? Counseling space?

Let's hear those items from your wish list!  Now you have space. What would
you do with it.

I will compile the "Dream Building" and post.

Join in the fun. I meet with the architects on Dec. 18th. You will have a
chance to make a difference!

Lucy Tribble MacDonald
Chemeketa Community College
4000 Lancaster Dr NE
Salem, Or. 97305

503/399-5038 FAX

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