La Vern Shroeder writes:

"In a short time we will have the opportunity to post information on the

Are you asking what information should "your college" put on the WEB?  Or
what information should your "learning center" post on the WEB?

I am encouraging learning centers to create their own web page and send me
the URL for a international clearing house of learning centers.

So far, Rutgers has a WEB page for their learning center and I have a web
site from Australia for a learning center.

You need to think through both internal information and external information.
 The hardest part of a WEB page is the design of the information and how to
access it.

Our PR office is involved in our WEB site, which grew as topsy and is now
being re-designed with marketing and PR involved.  We want to put our best
foot on the information highway and market our services.

Let's begin the discussion: What do we all want to know about learning