My approach may not work for many classes.... but could probably be adapted
for several courses.

For my class in STUDENT SUCCESS STRATEGIES (called "Becoming A Successful
Student), I end the class by asking students to finish the following sentence
TEN times  - - -

"I am becoming a student who... "

Students finish the sentence by writing, for example,

"...attends every class session of a course."
"...understands that I create my grade in classes."
"...gets help early in the semester when I'm having problems."
"...takes responsibility for putting together a study group in classes that
are difficult for me."

They write this on 3-part NCR paper. They get to keep the bottom copy. I get
the top copy (good feedback for me!). The second copy goes into an envelope
which they address to themselves.  I keep the stack of envelopes and mail
them so that they receive them a day or two before the start of the following
semester, as a reminder of the skills they developed and commitments to
change that they made the prior semester.

Dean Mancina, Golden West College, Huntington Beach California
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(I learned this activity from DAVE ELLIS, author of the textbook "Becoming A
Master Student," at one of College Survival, Inc.'s regional student success
seminars held around the U.S.  More information about their seminars and
workshops by calling them at 1.800.528.8323.)