Rather than trying to isolate only 2 most important learning skills why not
establish 2 groups:  applied learning skills (notetaking, memory, time
management, etc.) and cognitive learning skills (evaluation, reasoning,
problem solving, analysis, critical thinking, etc.)?

You could start a big fight trying to get learning skills professionals to
agree on the 3 most important skills for learning.....or is that what you
had in mind?

The tools for learning (learning skills) can be broken down into maybeonly
20 to 30 different groupings depending on one's education and experience!
I doubt that the professionals in the LS field could agree on 5 or 6 most
important learning skills.  On the other hand, there is much confusion among
faculty and administrators just what we are talking about when we say the
words...learning skills....

Learning skills are the only indispensable skills in education because with-
out them, no one can learn all those wonderful courses our colleagues try
so hard to teach but then, you already know that.  There seems to be a
habit in our society that the vital something is the more lowly it becomes.

I admire your excellent work.

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