Annette writes:

"It was jarring for me to realize just how limited their *math* learning
could be because of their limited skills in *reading comprehension*;
how the two skills really cannot be separated, and how a poor reader
is doomed in just about every other area as well."

I have been teaching a Problem Solving and Thinking Skills course. In
building the course, I spoke with the math department, who "only" wanted me
to teach the students to read the problems and they would teach the math!!!

For those of you who are working with "reading math problems", I highly
recommend both of Wimbey and Lockheed's books: Problem Solving and
Comprehension published by Franklin Press.  The beauty of these texts is that
not only do they challenge students to analyze the "text" carefully, but they
also write out the complete thought processes. I say "complete", however, my
students have had some problems in going between steps, because they cannot
make that mental leap!  It is very informative to see where the thinking
process breaks down.

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