Have you read?

"Access to Higher Education: Who Belongs?"  Carlette J. Hardin

"Tutoring Processs that Promote Cognitive and Affective Development"t. By
Annetee Gourgey

" Computerized Adaptive Testing in Reading" by Pat Smiittle

"Are the Skills We Are Teaching Obsolete?"  by Martha Maxwell
"The Relationship of Supplementary Instruction to Affect" by Julia Visor and

" An Exemplary Developmental Skills Program- A Case Study" by John Roueceh &
George Baker

"Teaching Mathematics Effectively" by Robert Hackworth

PLUS MANY  OTHERS by Hunter Boylan, Susan Thayer, Betsy Darken, Arthur Whimbey,
Frank Christ, Gene Kerstiens,Tom Gier and Karan Hancock, etc.

They're in : Maxwell, M. (Ed.) (1994) "FROM ACCESS TO SUCCESS; : Readings in
Developmental Learning and Learning Assistance." H&H Publishing Co., 1232 Kapp
Ave, Clearwatrer, FL 34625. Phone 1-800-366-4O79  $18.95 PLUS 3.50 SHIPPING-
This book would make a great gift for a colleague or a dean!