For those who are interested in how to contact Academic Systems for
information regarding the math software:

Academic Systems
444 Castro Street, Suite 1200
Mountain View, CA 94041
Tel. (415) 694-6850
Fax  (415) 694-6830
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They also offer a free paper called "Mediated Learning:  A New Model
of Technology-Mediated Instruction and Learning," available on request
and also on their web page.

Here are the topics that our college's package includes:

Signed numbers
Real numbers and exponents
Equations and inequalities
Rational expressions
Graphing lines
Finding equations
Absolute value
Problem solving
Solving linear systems
Quadratic equations
Functions and graphing

I am collecting your other questions and hope to gather the answers
next week.  I will post all information to the listserv.

I hope you all are aware that this is not a personal endorsement, as
I have never taught with the software.  This is information I've
obtained from the brochures and from others in the department who have
used it.

Annette Gourgey
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