>Noelle Call wrote:

> I am currently on a committee to evaluate the format we currently use
> for our annual reports from Student Services.  Are there any schools
> out there who would be willing to share copies of their annual
> reports with us...

Each year I complete an annual report which is submitted to the
Vice-President's office in early June.  I have created my own outline which
seems to satisfy the powers that be.  The 1995-96 report is mostly
narrative in 38 pages, plus appendices of about equal length which display
the specific data analysis discussed in the document itself.

This year I included some sections of the narrative part of the report in
our website.  Take a look at that, and if you want more information about
the actual outline or the report itself, let me know.  I can provide the
outline via email, but the report is too lengthy.  I can, however, copy and
mail a copy to anyone who wants to send  $5.00 with a request to my address

Good luck!

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