I use a very simple database program to track center usage.  Various
sorts let me predict
        * how many requests for tutor I am likely to get in a
particular semester for a particular course and how many tutors I will
need to meet that demand;
        * which departments and majors generate the most requests for tutors;
        * how many LD, ESL or other students requests I have for
particular courses or majors.

At the end of each semester, I enter the number of tutoring sessions
students receive in each of their courses and, for those who received 3
or more sessions, their final course grade.

I have tried scheduling programs but the initial data entry can be quite
time-consuming and I try to match students and tutors by much more specific
criteria than whether or not they have the same hour free.  I have
visited centers where tutors post their schedules and highlight the hours
they are willing to tutor; students simply fill in the blank spots.  Some
centers will limit students to one reservation per week but let them drop
in during unreserved hours as much as they would like.

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Guy Nishimoto wrote:

> Maybe not something specifically for tracking center usage, but the
> suggestion is half-true.  Rather than having a programmer build a program
> from the "ground up," a general database package, like dBASE or Paradox,
> would do the job.
> On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Martha R. Binford wrote:
> > I want to spend some funds to have a programmer write a program for our
> > tutorial center. It would do scheduling and track information we need for
> > our grants. However, there is some resistance to this plan on the part of
> > an administrator. He argues that their _must be_ some "off the shelf"
> > software that would be as effective. I don't believe it but thought I
> > would ask if anyone is using commercial software for scheduling and
> > tracking data. If so, what is the package, it's cost, and it's
> > advantages and disadvantages.  Thanks in advance... - Martha
> >
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