We use the INVEST system with a good deal of success at North Idaho
College in support of our instruction.  It's probably important to distinguish
between our definition of success and INVEST's.  The literature I looked
at from INVEST reviewed results from a variety of ABE programs and
suggested rapid grade level increases for students completing
assignments on INVEST.  Our approach is to integrate the INVEST
system with individualized and small group instruction.  We also use the
INVEST program to support certain Developmental Education classes.

The instructors feel strongly that INVEST has been helpful to the vast
majority of our students.  Informal surveys of students indicate that, for
the most part, they enjoy using the system and find it helpful.

There was some reluctance by faculty to INVEST prior to our purchasing
the system.  Some faculty members were concerned that INVEST
representated an administrative dictum to reduce faculty numbers.  Our
experience is that INVEST does no such thing and adds certain system
administrative tasks to one or more faculty members work load.  The
system is allowing us to serve more students than in the past.

Happy holidays

Alan Johnson, Director
Learning Assistance Programs
North Idaho College
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