>Date:    Mon, 16 Dec 1996 10:42:41 -0500
>From:    Eric Bowman <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Re: Job Seekers
>        Here is my vote - Welcome job openings but not individuals seeking
>a position.
>        So the discussion does not continue too much longer, how about
>someone make an administrative decision. Since there are no official
>"administraters" of this list of whom I am aware, I suggest (ask)
>Guillermo Urbe. He was instrumental in setting this list up and is still
>very actively involved. In fact, he probably IS the administrater! How
>about it Guillermo? And did I misspell your last name?
>        Eric
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My apologies for not taking on this debate earlier.  The transceiver that
routes all our department's communications to Cyberspace broke down last
weekend and I have been putting 100% of my time into solving that catastrophe.

Job announcement postings have been sparse but regular.  I do not see any
problem in "networking" with colleagues regarding opportunities.  The
chances of getting qualified candidates to take on learning assistance
positions increases significantly when you post on a specialized forum.
Occasionally, though, we may observe spurts of increased posting, but this
does not mean, in any way, that we have become an "employment agency."

I have not seen any "positions wanted" postings; at least not to my
recollection.  It would be OK as long as a private reply is clearly
requested.  The problem begins when replies that should be private start
coming to the list; this could occur more often with the "positions wanted"
case, as we all tend to simply "reply" to a given posting.  If we all go for
unrestricted posting, the only limitation I would impose is that of clearly
requesting PRIVATE responses to the posting and of course, to attach a valid
email address.

As an alternative, job seekers can also initiate private conversations with
other list members by sending them private messages.  If they remain on the
list, they can copy-and-paste the email addresses of other members from the
signatures that many have attached to their postings.  It is clear that,
since they have their address publicly posted, the would not mind a direct
contact.  This would serve the purpose of the seeker, keep the search off
the list, and still take advantage of the professional network and modern

I hope this helps.

Happy Holidays to All!!

Guillermo Uribe Ph D. Systems Support.
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