Several of you responded back to an earlier message about NRC asking for
info about the organization and topics on postsecondary reading, learning,
etc. at the recent conference.  The ARF conference followed NRC by a few
days.  Hence let me share info beginning with ARF (as the meeting is
freshest in my mind), and I'll turn to NRC in a few days.

The American Reading Forum is small--very personal organization that meets
yearly around the 2nd week of Dec. on the beach---always on the beach in
Florida.  For the past years the group has met on Sanibel Island at the
Sundial Beach and Tennis Resort --as it will in 1997.  It was formed as an
off-shoot of NRC some 17 years ago.  By now it has its own unique flavor.

The size of the organization allows for a great deal of interaction around
the topics of the sessions.  One of the key sessions is the Call to Forum
where individuals discuss as a group a topical text of the day.  There are
two key note presentations each year---this year--Linda Gambrell and Jeanne
Henry. Papers may appear in the yearbook for the conference. Reactions to
papers may also appear in the yearbook.

Across its 16 conference years, the organization has been "college reading
friendly."  There were several college reading sessions this year.  I've
listed each and given the primary author plus an e-mail address if you wish
to send for a copy of the handout from the session.  I make no promises
that the e-mail address is correct for each person.  Each was taken out of
the directory for the group.  If it is wrong---write via snail mail.

here you go---

The effects of reading instruction on college students' perceptions of
reading.   Marie T. Hughes ([log in to unmask]), Univ. of Miami.

I never had to study in high school and I got by: Utilizing an outreach
reading program to aid in the transition to post-secondary institutions.
Kathryn Dawson ([log in to unmask]), Ball State Univ.

Disciplinarity: How tribalism in higher education defines good reading and
writing.  Judy Peplinski ([log in to unmask]), Univ of Wisc---Stevens Point.

Exploring employment opportunities through reading, writing, speaking: An
advanced ESL project.  Dorothy Sole, Miami-Dade Community Community College
(no-e-mail in ARF Directory).

Integrating gay and lesbian texts in a developmental reading and writing
course. Stuart Blersch ([log in to unmask]), Univ. of Cincinnati.

Mary Costello and I followed-up on a project we have been doing with the
CoEd and Col Rdg here at NIU.  Holler for a handout.

If you would like to get a call for proposals for the next ARF
conference----e-mail Cindy Gillespie at ([log in to unmask])  The
deadline for proposals is 3/1/97.

Did I mention it is held on the beach---always on the beach?

Go Crazy--