Dear Colleagues:

Two of the most informed, dynamic, and "cutting edge" college teachers
using technology (other than NADE's own David Caverly) are:

(1)  Dr.  George Baldwin, Professor of Sociology, California State College
at Monterey Bay.  George was one of the first 8 faculty members employed by
this new college that is now one and one-half years old!  To hear George
describe the approach of this new instititution toward "outcome based
learning" is exciting.  George is also a Native American who grew up on a
reservation in Oklahoma.  Ask him about the Faculty Executive Committee,
the Institute for Community Networking, and the Service-Learning component
required of all students.  email:  [log in to unmask]

(2)  Dr.  Fred Kemp.  Assistant Professor of English, Texas Tech
University.  One of the authors of Daedalus software for "generating text"
and "sharing text."  Fred has been a consultant across this country and
abroad.  email:  [log in to unmask]


Don Garnett
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>Hi, we have a flex day every Fall and Spring Quarters and
>are in need of speakers, especially one to promote
>and encourage teaching via computers, etc.  If you receive
>some names, could you forward them?  Thanks.
>>I am putting together a conference for the Ohio Association of Two Year
>>Colleges with the working title:  "Internet/Intranet: Asynchonous Access
>>for Community
>>College Students, Educators and Administrators"  (a mouthful I know).
>>The conference will deal with issues of technology as they relate to
>>academic support, instruction and student services.  Since subscribing to
>>this list is
>>the greatest techonolical leap I've taken this year, I need some help in
>>identifying a good keynote speaker for this type of conference.  Any
>>suggestions?  If you could pass on the name of an affordable, entertaining
>>and/or enlightening speaker e-mail me privately (hmm, that seems like a
>>contradiction in terms...) at [log in to unmask]  Thanks for any
>>help.   Linnae Clinton
>Linda Lane
>English Department
>Foothill Community College
>Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
>(415) 949-7453
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