I am sure you will receive similar responses, but here is mine.
Even if "the boss" meant percentiles, that is still a very high
"performance level." The "normal" range of percentiles goes from a
high normal of 62.5 to a low normal of 38.5. This is the 50th
percentile plus or minus 12.5 percentiles points. The 75th percentile
implies a person is in the top 1/4 of his/her reference group. This
is the same as being above 68% on the normal Gaussen (bell-shaped)

Another suggestion: at the end of each timed section have the
student draw a line and then (return to) finish that part of the test
untimed. This will give both a "speed" score, such as Jeopardy and a
power score. Also, it is often useful to determine the ratio of how
many items the student tried to how many he/she had correct in both
the timed and untimed efforts.


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> I would like responses on this topic.
> My daughter called last night, quite upset. She teaches an evening
> Reading class at the Miami-Dade Community College.  She and her
> students have been working very hard all term to increase the
> student's
> reading and vocabulary skills.  On Monday evening, all students in this class
> were given a form of the Nelson-Denny  and  only if they score at
> 75% or higher can they pass the course, no matter what they have done for
> the last 15 weeks.  My daughter is still suppose to give them a final exam
> later this week, for what??? if only 2 students out of the 25 students
> met the 75%  requirement?   This passing rate is very typical of the
> other sections of the class, too.  If they didn't pass, they must
> re-enroll for the next term.
> Another issue is to whether or not students are informed
> that this is the requirement.
> Also, does it correlate to the material and texts used for the
> course?
> I may have the information on the policy wrong.  I hope that is the
> case, it scares me that student's  college future depends on this one
> test about which I have heard complaints.  Can someone
> help us put this into perspective?
> Comments will be welcome so I can share them with my daughter
> before she faces her class on Wednesday night.
> None of the above is applicable to my college.
> Sharleen
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