Thanks, Ed, for your holiday contribution.  I just wondered how many of
the readers recognized the song you quoted and remembered who sang it?
It was Kermit.  Hence . . . it's not easy being green!  It's a wonderful
little song with a lot of meaning.

--Linda  :-)

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On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, Ed Ketz wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Kathleen's newsletter question got me "ruminatin" and "cogitatin" about
> life and related subjects.  Couldn't think of a real clever holiday wish
> for you, so I dug into my "There really IS a point to all this." file and
> found this.  Enjoy.
> Green (Bein' Green)
> Words and Music by Joe Raposo
> It's not that easy bein' green,
> Having to spend each day the color of leaves;
> When I think it could be nicer bein' red or yellow or gold,
> or something much more colorful like that.
> It's not easy bein' green;
> It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things,
> And people tend to pass you over,
> 'cause you're not standing out
> Like flashy sparkles on the water or stars in the sky.
> But green is the color of spring,
> And green can be cool and friendly-like,
> And green can be big like an ocean
> or important like a mountain or tall like a tree.
> When green is all there is to be,
> It could make you wonder why,
> but why wonder,
> why wonder?
> I am green and it'll do fine;
> It's beautiful,
> and I think it's what I want to be.