Lately I have seen ads for "learning specialist" positions in
private middle and high schools.  The ads call for teaching study
skills, remediation, and working with faculty to plan
interventions.  They did not specify professional background
required (e.g. training in reading or learning disabilities).  Is
anyone on the listserv familiar with this type of position, either
through your own work or in schools your children attend?  If so,
I would appreciate answers to the following questions:

1.  What is the academic/professional background of these
positions?  Are they reading/LD specialists, or something else?

2.  What kinds of problems do these professionals deal with:  e.g.,
certified learning disabilities, or achievement of any poorly
performing students?  Do they include clinical assessment?  How do
they work with the students?

3.  In what ways do these professionals work with other faculty?

4.  Do these positions exist in public schools as well as private?
In what form?  How widespread are they?

5.  Does anyone on the listserv work as a learning specialist in a
college program?  If so, what is your background and
what kind of situations do you work with?

Please feel free to contact me at the address below, or to post
information to the list if you feel it is of general interest.

Thank you,
Annette Gourgey
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