This spring, for the second time, we tried music in the Learning Skills
Centre. First, I was disappointed that I couldn't blast my new Blue Rodeo
CD. And the Blind Melon tutors were disappointed. And the Willie Nelson
revivial fans were disappointed. We had to play Muzak. Even classical was
more complicated than we at first thought: Beethoven's Third would have
been a no, but his Sixth would have been yes.

So the airy tunes were floating merrily on the computer-controlled air.
But the music was quite loud for the tutors near the ghetto blaster, and
fairly faint for those at the other side of the room.

But what finally killed the noble experiment was when the busy
receptionist got tired of jumping up every 45 minutes to change the tape.

I still think it is a good idea--even though Blue Rodeo's latest CD is
too depressing for public airing.

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