To Jim and others interested in Music/Musak in Learning Centers,

My suggestions on this subject are not too substantive, simply because I
too am more interested, than I am informed, on this subject.

The popular psychologist and motivational guru, Dennis Waitley, has a
series of audio tapes that have string music as an integral
underpinning.  The tapes are comprised of the string music background,
motivational sermons and advice by Waitley, and repetitive motivational belief
statements.  The tape series is entitled "The Inner Winner", and I
believe that Waitley explains, in the first tape, the concept of string
music as a cognitive relaxer and learning enhancer.

We are working steadily toward our goal of having our own building for
our Academic Services department divisions.  When that happens, we will
definitely have piped-in, string music/musak in the Center.  Maybe by
then this concept will have been substantiated, and LRNASST members will
be able to tell us which tapes and performers are best.


Pat Schutz

P.S. I recommend the Inner Winner personal development tape series for
     folks who enjoy and appreciate that sort of activity.  Personally,
     I think that Waitley's motivational products are the best on the
     market.  His work in this area, albeit commercial, is one reason
     why I feel there may be something to this