The Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center at Southern Methodist University
will be moving to a larger facility within the next two years.  We, the
staff, are considering how we could/should effectively utilize the space
in this new facility.  We have 7 full time staff members and 1 part time
staff member.  Our general concerns include the organization of study
areas, lounge space, computers, study carrels, desks, staff offices, and
work stations for student workers.  We serve a number of student
populations, with special emphasis on work with engineering and pre-med
students and with student-athletes.  We would like our new space to
provide "comfort zones" for a variety of student populations.

We would very much appreciate hearing LRNASSTers' thoughts on these

1) Describe the physical organization of your academic support center.
Where are you physically located on campus?  What student populations do
you serve?

2)  What do you like most about the layout of your facility?

3)  What are some of the things you would like to change about the
physical structure, organization, or environment of your academic support

4) If you were able to build a new facility, how would you organize the
services (computers, study area, lounge, study carrels, desks, etc.) so
that all students would feel welcomed?

5) What other question(s) should we be concerned about when re-organizing
our facility?

Without making our questions a total pain in the neck, we'd want to say,
the more specific the better--staff, square feet, students served,
which student populations, etc.

If you are interested in receiving a summary of responses, let us
know.  We know you are busy with a thousand things already, and we want to
thank you in advance for any help you can give us here.