OK so some say that listening to Mozart  will increase your SAT score ----IF you
can stand Mozart. As the LRNASSTers have suggested people differ greatly on the
kind of music they enjoy-   what relaxes one person can send another UP THE
WALL. We tried piping in music in the reading lab in the 50s  and found  that
out the hard way.  One solution  is to provide ear protectors like those folks
wear on the landing field to help jets find the right parking spot.  That will
protect the person who doesn't appreciate the music.  BUT they're heavy and hot.

One of the things Troy Duster found in his study of social  integration at
Berkeley was that members of different ethnic groups would not attend general
dances -  each group preferred it's own music and din't feel comfortable with
the music of other groups.

As Lonna says, music majors can't concentrate on reading if music is being
played -  they are listening  to the way the musicians are performing, etc.

To Nancy:
Aroma therapy indeed -
You are right - a lot of people are allergic to perfumes and artificial aromas
-- in fact,  a number of organizations here including mental health associations
specifically request that people attending their meetings not wear perfumes , or
other scents.

Martha M.