Martha is right about the scents; look at all the people lobbying against
those bloomin' inserts in magazines, or who sneeze passing the gift shops
full of potpourri in the mall.

However, plants as natural air cleaners is probably a good idea, esp if
you are in a newer building with lots of nice new materials giving off
chemicals and no operating windows.  We luckily face a courtyard and
fountain; lots of windows with plenty of natural light, where we grow a
number of hefty plants.  We will lose all this in our new building circa
Fall 1999.

Re: Music   Someone in CA a few years back did a major study of the music
bit.  It is 18th cen music that's best, 60 beats a minute-- lots of Bach
and sons, Handel, Vivaldi, et al.  The flap about people not liking "other"
 music applies for purely recreational listening I should think.  This is
meant to be heard at low level, almost as white noise.

Try a tape player that will play both sides and/or play two tapes in
succession to avoid the constant switching, or re-record on long playing

I'll see if I can find and post the reference.

From expereince, I know this helps me <grade> a huge pile of papers
without cracking up!

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