I am forwarding this to LRNASST in the hope that someone in learning
assistance or dev ed will take advantage of this opportunity. We need more
and extended exposure in professional literature. Here is a challenge to
assume leadership and let others know what learning assistance and
developmental education is all about.

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Subject: AEQ

From:   CSTCC::PEC          16-JUN-1997 13:56:47.84
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Subj:   Call for associates!

Academic Exchange Quarterly, AEQ, a platform
for exchange of ideas on effective instruction
and learning in all subjects and levels
(community college and high school), is
being launched this summer, first issue
of the journal in September.

We seek more national exposure.  Hence, we
have openings for volunteers to serve as
Assistant Regional Editors: to be active
in expending our circulation base, and to
supply interesting material for
publication: 500-2000 words, September
issue deadline June 24th.

These voluntary positions offer opportunity
to get experience in academic periodical
publishing, an outlet for one's creativity,
etc...  To be considered, please, send a
brief information on how you can contribute
to AEQ.   Thanks.

Steve Pec,  Editor
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