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> I believe a credit bearing course on tutoring would be beneficial to
> our peer tutoring program.  Any information,  syllabi, or direction
> from individiuals with  experience in  this matter would be great.
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My reply,

Here at Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute, we don't have peer
tutoring.  Instead, we have a staff of professional tutors.  Nevertheless,
we do have tutor training on a variety of subjects each term break.  While
there is no college credit for these training sessions, we do receive
certificates.  What we have regarding ethical standards (which you
mentioned in a previous message) is usually what we decide in group
discussions.  However, we do have certain inflexible standards:

        * Each student does his/her own work.
        * Tutors refrain from marking on the body of student papers.
            (we do sometimes make notes in the margins if the student
            has committed sentence errors such as fragments, comma
            splices, run-ons, or awkward construction.)
        * We do not take sides in student/instructor disputes, but we do
            try to help students come up with workable solutions to
        * If we suspect plagiarism, we call it to the student's attention
            and explain the difference between "research" and
            "plagiarism." If necessary, we will call the matter to the
            instructor's attention.
        * We do treat students courteously--even if we get frustrated with
            them.  Not everyone learns at the same pace, so it may take
            some students longer than others to "get it."
        * We do not tolerate abuse, verbal or otherwise, from students.
        * We are not certified counselors, so we do not attempt to "solve"
            the student's personal problems for him/her.  We are willing
            to listen to a certain amount of "woe is me," but if we
            suspect it is a serious problem (as in depression, domestic
            abuse, etc.), we can make a referral to the counseling office.

Hope this helps,

Peggy Keller
Lead Learning Assistant for English
Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute
525 Buena Vista SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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