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 I have to admit that some of this technology-hype bothers me, even though
 I LOVE my computers (I recently acquired a laptop--something I'd been
 DREAMING about for years!  Now I CAN sit under a tree on the bank of a
 stream and fish and write at the same time!).  I think it may have serious
 consequences in the human socialization process--particularly if we all
 end up staying home and going to work or school thru the ethernet!
 Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep an open mind and to learn everything I can
 about the new technology.  I'm also encouraging my students to do
 likewise.  I think it's very important for educators to let students know
 that WE, too, have to keep learning to keep up in the world!  A very
 important modeling of what's going on in the "real world!"
 Welcome back, Peggy. It's so good to read your wonderful insights. Talk
about modeling for a minute. Last night I succeeded in training my students
to create home pages from scratch, ie without a web editor, just by using
Notepad in Windows 3.1. They downloaded images from the Internet and created
a whole bunch of really cute home pages.

I spent the whole day teaching myself so I could teach them. I was so excited
because the first time I tried to teach this group, we failed miserably and I
was embarrassed. This time, there were enough smiles all around to light up
the room.

As for the computer cutting off communication, consider this: would we have
ever met had it not been for the computer? I've made many new friends on this
listserve and keep in touch with old ones and family all over the world by
email. Shortly, I'll have computer telephone, currently available, but not
something I'm interested in. I'm not ready to replace the writing with more
phoning. I did that once in my life already.

Keep the words flowing.

Richard Damashek