Perhaps this suggestion will be helpful to you in your parent orientation

This year I have become particularly aware of our students' lack of
experience in marking text, utilizing textbook cues, etc for improving
reading skill effectiveness. It occurred to me there is probably a link
between how students relate to texts and their previous experince in never
having owned their own textbooks. (Our local school systems in the metro
area feeder schools all provide texts. In some situations there are too
few copies to provide individual copies to students, so there is a "class"
set of texts. That measn students can not even take them home for extended
study--much less make their own notes for future review.)

I mentioned the connection between limited experience in HS and the need
to develop an up-close and personal relationship with their required texts
in college to the parents attending our parent orientation sessions. The
"Oh, yeah." reaction from the parents was quite visible.

  I intend to help students consider the same issue when we present our
"Your Class Act --Getting It Together" study skills seminar to new
students the Friday before classes start.


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