Ed Ketz wrote:
> Computers will replace the teacher when the teacher:
>         stops learning.
>         loses a sense of wonder.
>         thinks he or she is more important than the student.
>         is more interested in being correct than right.
>         preaches instead of teaches.
>         no   -    longer    -   cares.

In some universities around this country (and certainly in California),
computers will replace teachers when the Vice Presidents of

        purchase software without consulting instructors or dept. chairs.
        negotiate and sign contracts with high priced software companies.
        spend thousands of dollars on high priced programs in order to
          "make teachers more effective and save money" (this means us
computers to do the teaching and double or triple the class
        care about the almighty dollar and impressing their bosses.
        no - longer - care about the students.
        allow themselves to be influenced by faculty members who are
          paid by the software company.
        deal with high powered companies that have questionable marketing

Sorry I'm so negative, but it's happening in my back yard.

Lonna Smith