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<< 1) I understand that, as in the Prodigy case, editing contributions to
 the board for content may cause us to be liable for the contributions
 that *are* posted. I also understand that if we excericise no editorial
 control over the bulliten board (as with the Compuserve case) we will
 not be held liable.>>

This oversimplifies the issue just a bit.  In the Prodigy case, the act of
asserting editorial control was only part of the equation.  The other part,
which was a major factor, is that Prodigy actively promoted and advertised
such control to the general public.  CompuServe did just the opposite.

>> However I have a question as to whether "editorial
 control" has been defined specifically as removing or editing a users

It seems to me that such actions are the very essence of editorial control.

>> That is, I wonder if taking action to block a user from the
 board for a) clearly breaking a law (i.e. invasion of privacy or
 defamation) or b) breaking a more specific "user agreement" (i.e.
 excessive profanity) would legally constitute "editorial control" over
 the bulliten board.>>

This is a closer question, but I would not consider excluding a user to be
"editorial control" as it does not impact on the material that is posted,
only prevents further posting by an individual.  I believe "editorial
control" only encompasses the ability to delete, alter or edit posted