To Lynn Monge:

At 11:26 AM 8/5/97 +0100, you wrote:

>Last year we developed a course for credit and have a nationally certified
>tutor training program at three levels.  The program is growing and has
>attracted tutors for community adult education as well as public school
>teacher's aids. The basic course is one semester in length and then there
>are lab sessions for the three levels.  I can provide more details if there
>is interest.

Some of the colleges that use Tutor Tutor, my college's tutor-training
website, want to develop a for-credit course using the program.  I'd be
thankful for any information (syllabus, assignments etc), which I could
pass on to Tutor Tutor users via the website's chat board.

Also, can you share info on the certified training program you have?  Is it

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