Dear Lrnassters,
The discussion on writing center tutoring has been of interest to me since
I coordinate the Writing Center (in its second year) at Pikes Peak Community
College.  Our Writing Center operates with instructors (some full time and
some adjunct) "donated" from the English departments from the Developmental
Studies division and the Communication and Humanities Division.  It has
been necessary to train instructors to take on a role greater than that of
proofreaders as well as publicize the Writing Center to instructors across
the disciplines as to what kind of help their students can expect when they
visit the Writing Center.  Following is what we will publicize to students
and instructors this fall:

Purpose/Mission Statement:  The Writing Center provides students, faculty,
and staff the opportunity to obtain feedback on their writing.  Through
dialogue with Writing Center instructors, students can strengthen their
understanding of the writing processes, improve their writing skills and
confidence, and refine their self-editing skills.

The Writing Center instructors respect that writing is a representation of
thought and that students' writing needs to reflect their thoughts.  Instructors
can help students explore their ideas, understand and practice the
writing processes, and provde instruction in grammar concepts and proofreading

Instructors will focus on the long-term writing processes rather than the
short-term product.  They are not able to proofread student papers;
in fact, they recognize that the more actively students participate in their
writing, the more they will benefit.  Also, instructors can neither predict
a paper's grade or guarantee a high grade, although consistent use of the
Writing Center may result in greater success in writing assignments through
better studnet understanding of and involvement in the writing processes.

As in any learning situation, students are the active agents in their learning.
Therefore, in the Writing Center;

     * Students are encouraged to make notes of discussion points on
       their papers and/or on note paper
     * The student and instructor will determine a session's focus
       when a student's work requires instruction in a variety of
       writing concerns.
     * Writing Center instructors may suggest worksheets and exercises
       for extra practice.

We also have a bulletin board in the Writing Center that suggests a
number of questions that are appropriate for the Writing Center instructors,
the title of the bulletin board is "What do you say to the Writing Center
instructor after you say 'Hello'?"

And this fall we plan to post 2 lists:
    1 - What to bring to a session and what to expect at a session
    2 - What to expect when you come  a - 5 minutes before a paper is due
                                      b - 1/2 hour before a paper is due
                                      c - 1 hour before a paper is due
                                      d - 1 day before a paper is due
                                      e - 1 week before a paper is due

        The answers range from (a) a handshake and good wishes
                          to   (b) a lesson on using spellcheck
                          to   (e) indepth discussion on the paper

Now I have a question for funding of Writing Centers.  At present 2 divisions
are contributing to funding the Writing Center instructors, but we want
to look at alternative ways of funding -  Can anyone share with me your
funding sources for writing centers?

Thank you

Tina Getz
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